September 6, 2016

The Karate Punch in Martial Arts!

The Karate Punch in Martial Arts!

What Is Power?

Martial Arts is famous for many things, one of them is teaching you how to be effective with power. Karate is where you really learn power compared to other activities. Kids growing up always want one thing, and that is to be powerful. Just like everything else in life, proper training is required in order to become great at anything you do.

Traditional Karate & Punches.

If you were in class training and you were to throw a ball lightly, you would barely hear a sound. But the harder you throw it, the louder the sound. That is because of the word “power”. Traditional Karate is very big on power, especially in places such as Okinawa & Japan. For some reason many people find it difficult at first to embrace the power in their moves. It’s not as easy as you think. Martial Arts contains many different teachings. Power is one of the hard ones. Even basic punches are difficult. This is all because of at first the student is not aware of how to execute the move properly. Eventually you learn.

Quickness = Greatness

Karate has a very simple trick. Quickness. The more quick you are the more strong your moves can be. In Martial Arts, Be quick and the moves should work as well. Of course you need to know how to execute the proper karate moves at first.

The Power of Mass!

It is really learning how to work your body properly so you can execute those perfect moves. Eventually just like everything else you will learn how to work your “power” properly. Teach the body how to get behind the one move. It’s about learning how to just focus. Once you understand how your body works, it becomes easier to execute the mass.


It means “increasing speed” really. It is about learning how to work your mass and acceleration together. Keep in mind that watching Martial Arts movies and seeing videos online of other people doing these perfect moves might seem hard, but once you get at it you see it’s not that difficult. Just don’t be lazy and stay at it. Once you learn how to move your body quicker, the combination becomes easier. This is also a combination in karate that will help you become a great person at the sport. This combo helps you execute your karate moves at a better level!

Putting “it” Together.

This may seem like a lot at first. Just like anything else, you eventually get it. Karate is a great sport filled with many benefits. D-Dojo Karate on the Upper West Side helps you get there a little quicker!