September 6, 2016

NYC Karate for Children in Need

D-Dojo Karate Helps Children Seeking Adoption With Its NYC Karate Program

In November, D-Dojo Karate teamed with WNBC and The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s Wednesday’s Child program. This joint effort sought to inspire a child’s dream to learn martial arts with an introduction to the school’s NYC karate program. This bright young man, Ronald, is seeking adoptive parents. But for this day he got to fulfill another dream: experience karate with master instructor, Igor Dyachenko, for few hours.

This lesson introduced the child to some of the benefits of karate, such as discipline, body mechanics, flexibility, and overall fitness. This was supported by Igor Dyachenko’s encouraging and detailed approach to children’s martial arts. More importantly, Ronald eyes were opened up to the latent potential inside of himself to achieve more than he thought possible, and left the session with an infectious enthusiasm to learn more.

Afterwards, WNBC’s Janice Huff interviewed Ronald and Dyachenko Sensei to learn more about the child’s experience and Igor Dyachenko’s method of instruction. The program will air on December 24th on Channel 4 WNBC at 5pm.

During this time of holiday cheer, D-Dojo Karate hopes to encourage others to find a way to help children in need. This can involve anything from volunteering, donating money, or helping find a way for a child to pursue a dream. Ultimately, kindling a child’s hope is important for his or her self-confident and future as a productive citizen. To find out more, contact the Wednesday’s Child program at 1-800-ASK-DTFA(1-800-275-3832).

D-Dojo Karate provides a boutique NYC karate program, focusing on small group instruction that is catered to individual needs. Through this program, students learn to perfect their technique, develop discipline, and realize abilities that they never thought were possible. Dyachenko Sensei also offers private lessons for students that want an even more detailed approach, or whose schedule does not fit the regularly scheduled class times. D-Dojo Karate is located at 1841 Broadway, at 60th Street, on the northwest side of Columbus Circle. The school can also be reached by telephone at (212) 537-6441 or on the web at