Why Karate...?

Because Karate is THE all-around fitness routine—the best of weight training, yoga, and Pilates, all rolled into one. Strength and tone, sure—but also flexibility, speed, cardio, breathing, agility, improved concentration, a general sense of well-being and confidence…Really? Yes, really. Click here to sign up for a consultation and introductory class—we’ll prove it to you.

... and why DDojo Karate?

Because everything from our class structure to our uniforms to our belt ranking is different. We love pushing the envelope, and we’re willing to learn from anybody. We’ll mix it up with other sport disciplines, add a touch of yoga…as long as it helps us do what we love doing best, even better. But we never lose sight of Karate’s fundamentals. Muscle memory takes 10,000 repetitions, and we’ll make sure you get it right—right from number one. Take a class, and see what makes D-Dojo Karate so absolutely different.

Why is Karate the best exercise for me?

It might not be. Nothing is for everybody. But before you make any rash decisions, throw out everything you thought you knew about Karate. Because we’ve rethought Karate from the ground up, while still maintaining the utmost respect for tradition. The result is a surprisingly accessible hybrid unlike any other Karate studio. Want to find out more? Come visit. A consultation and introductory class is only $35.

Why should kids take Karate?

D-Dojo Karate training teaches kids a lot of things you want them to know—starting with courtesy, respect, and self-confidence—in a disciplined, but always encouraging environment. One of Karate’s main doctrines is to never to act without thinking—definitely a useful life lesson. And there’s a built-in reward system that emphasizes long-range goals—although like with everything D-Dojo Karate does, we have our very own system of belt rankings. The best part is they learn all this great stuff without even realizing it, because they’re so caught up in Karate’s total cool factor. Get your kids started on the fitness routine that’s so much more than physical.

Is Karate good for weight loss?

Karate not only helps you lose weight—it’s a complete physical and mental reconfiguration. Substituting superb muscle tone for those few extra pounds is only the beginning. Karate training improves balance and coordination, and gives your self-image a major overhaul to accompany your new body—a side of you that maybe you never knew was there. All in a supportive, communal atmosphere. Why keep putting it off? Take an introductory class, and introduce yourself to a whole New You.

I'm a lover, not a fighter. Is it all about combat?

Not at all! Karate’s roots are a ritual combat style developed by the indigenous people of Okinawa, completely as a means of defense. Its core philosophy is based in harmony, community, and self-discipline. Combat is reserved for competitive sports Karate, and, of course, your own personal protection. Sounds like you’d be more interested in our Classical Karate classes.

Why this location?

We want to be the neighborhood Karate studio for people from every neighborhood! Many of our long-term members live or work on the Upper West Side, so it’s much more convenient for them (as we’re sure they’ll agree.)—not to mention people from just about anywhere else the city. And let’s face it—if it’s as convenient as possible, we’ll get to see your smiling face a lot more often. Drop by for a trial class, and get to know us!

What if I can't keep up?

D-Dojo Karate is demanding enough for any Type A+ personality, but we know there’s all types in our great city. So we let you decide on the pace of your training. Take as long as you need, because we’d rather you get it right anyway. Don’t get us wrong—we make you compete. But only with yourself. No matter how slow you want to take it, though, you still have to get started.

Why are DDojo Karate trainers such perfectionists?

Karate is a path to self-awareness and personal growth, but it’s still a martial art, whose purpose is to transform your body into a self-defense weapon. And weapons are a responsibility. Also, one of the main principles of D-Dojo Karate’s methods is preventing injury—in other words, strict attention to detail. And isn’t it just nice to know you’re mastering the art of doing it right? Sign up for a consultation and introductory class, and see our trainers in action.

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