September 6, 2016

Five Things You Did Not Know About Personal Training at D-Dojo Karate, Upper West Side

Five Things You Did Not Know About Personal Training at D-Dojo Karate, Upper West Side


There are many options for personal training in the Upper West Side (UWS). However, the qualifications of the personal trainers vary widely, with some able to achieve “certification” with a very limited course. To find the best personal training in the UWS, you need to look at the credentials of the personal trainer, the reputation among his or her current and former clients, the range and depth of his or her skills, and the specific training methods used.


You will find all those things at D-Dojo Karate, the premier martial arts school in NYC. These are five things you may not know about personal training at D-Dojo Karate:


  1. D-Dojo Karate’s head instructor, Igor Dyachenko, is a certified fifth degree black belt in Shotokan Karate directly from Hirokazu Kanazawa and a Masters in Sports of Ukraine. This unique background allows him to construct a personalized program for your benefit that combines all the tools of modern science with the best of karate tradition going back hundreds of years.


  1. Igor Dyachenko Sensei has won the championships in multiple international tournaments. This demonstrated skill level guarantees that the instruction you receive will be world class.


  1. D-Dojo Karate follows a highly-motivational, positive attitude in enabling all its students to perform to the best of their abilities. This means that each personal training session for Upper West Side residents is unique and tailored to what they can do. There is no pre-set formula that asks clients to do more than they are actually capable of. The goal is to help people achieve the best results, which are often better than they think possible before they start training.


  1. Progress in personal training is carefully monitored over time so that clients gain gradually and do not get stuck in a plateau. D-Dojo Karate instructors get to know the students’ abilities very well and make constant adjustments to make sure they are always reaching a new level of potential.


  1. With a combination of classes and personal training time, D-Dojo Karate is flexible enough to meet the needs of even the most demanding schedules. There is always time to improve yourself, whether it’s with general conditioning and personal training or karate.


So make time for yourself to improve your health and fitness. D-Dojo Karate is the premier martial arts school in Manhattan and offers a range of packages to fit your schedule for personal training in the Upper West Side. For more information, visit www.ddojo.comor call 212.537.6441.