September 6, 2016

D-Dojo Karate vs Soccer on UWS, Upper West Side

D-Dojo Karate vs Soccer on UWS, Upper West Side

Parents looking for Upper West Side kids’ activities have many options to choose from. As part of a balanced schedule, kids’ sports should be an important part of any after school activities program on the Upper West Side, UWS. There are obviously health benefits to getting regular exercise, but also the benefits of socialization, teamwork, and discipline to achieve goals.

So which sport to choose? Today we’ll compare two popular children activities: soccer and D-Dojo Karate lessons. The benefits to soccer are an excellent cardiovascular workout, teamwork, and making friends with other children.

Taking your child to a karate school has these benefits and more. There are fitness benefits throughout karate practice—whether in basics, kata, or sports karate. There is also the comradery that comes with practicing sports karate with different students and adapting to their different sizes, personalities, and abilities. Perhaps more most importantly, your child will develop the disciple to accomplish goals beyond what he or she could expect, a discipline that will benefit them throughout his or her lifetime.

So for kids martial arts on the Upper West Side, check out D-Dojo Karate on 60th and Broadway, at Columbus Circle. Thanks for reading – D-Dojo Karate vs Soccer on UWS, Upper West Side >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>