September 6, 2016

D-Dojo Karate vs Gymnastics | UWS, Upper West Side

D-Dojo Karate vs Gymnastics | UWS, Upper West Side

In a continuation of our series on comparing the benefits of different types of kids’ fitness activities on the Upper West Side (UWS), today we’re looking at gymnastics vs. D-Dojo Karate.

Parents looking for Upper West Side kids’ activities have many options to choose from. As part of a balanced schedule, kids’ sports should be an important part of any after school activities program on the Upper West Side. There are obviously health benefits to getting regular exercise, but also the benefits of socialization, teamwork, and discipline to achieve goals.

Let’s consider gymnastics vs. karate lessons.  Gymnastics practice has many benefits, such as strength, dexterity, agility, balance, and more.

Likewise, attending a karate school has these benefits, plus other aspects that are not emphasized as much in gymnastics training. Going through the basics (kihon) and forms (kata) teaches children how to use their body mechanics effectively, improving their strength, coordination, balance, agility, and more. Sports karate takes it to another level, teaching children to apply these skills against an active opponent, an activity that is also good for intellectual development. Beyond that, children learn discipline in sticking to a challenging, but structured program, and learn important self-defense techniques that give them confidence every day in being successful at school and protecting themselves from the many things that can happen on Manhattan streets.