September 6, 2016

D-Dojo Karate UWS for Ukraine

On November 14th and 15th, ” D-Dojo Karate UWS for Ukraine ” took place in D-Dojo Karate, located on 60th Street in Manhattan, New York.

The event raised funds to purchase much-needed winter clothing, shoes, and medicine for the forces protecting the territorial independence of Ukraine. The members of this event attended classes in self-defense, which were taught by Ukrainian-American world champion in karate, Igor Dyachenko, the owner of D-Dojo Karate.

D-Dojo is one of the best Martial Arts organizations for karate/sports activities for both adults and kids on the Upper West Side (UWS). These personal lessons in self-defense techniques also included an examination of how to defend from attack while on the ground, wrist grabs and locks, and techniques to defend attacks coming from behind.

Mr. Dyachenko contributed to an extremely friendly and fun atmosphere for all participants, giving detailed and clear explanations, and every participant felt charged with positive energy. The organization’s motto is “Because You Can.” This means that the students who participate in D-Dojo Karate programs and activities can achieve their goals or dreams through positive reinforcement and structured and friendly training.

The organizers of this event were Mr. Dyachenko and Anya Gapyuk. “We know how our soldiers are giving their all to prevent the aggression meant to divide Ukraine. They risk their lives every day and thousands have sacrificed their lives already for a better future,” said Mr. Dyachenko.  “Volunteers around the world are trying to do as much as they can in order to help, but above all, prayers and vital things are necessary, such as protective apparel and food to help the people,” added Ms. Gapyuk. The organizers seek to raise funds for the purchase humanitarian items, such as winter clothing, special warm shoes, and medication to help Ukrainians withstand the harsh winter climate and increase their chance of surviving.

Participant recollections:

“I heard about the event to raise funds for the purchase of warm clothing and medicines through social media. Fundraising was conducted through organized self-defense classes of karate. It was very instructive and useful semi-personal training. The trainer, Igor Dyachenko, explained everything very well for us as girls to better protect ourselves. After the exercises, the organizers treated participants to delicious fruit and homemade cookies, on which was written ‘I Love Ukraine.’ I thank the organizers for such a wonderful opportunity to join such a worthy cause. ” – Iryna

“Excellent first impression of D-Dojo Karate! I understood that you do not necessarily need to be physically strong in order to protect yourself in case of an attack by a stronger person. Knowing the different techniques of self-defense can save your life . . .” – Zoryana

D-Dojo Karate focuses on the details of implementing techniques and deep breathing techniques. D-Dojo Karate UWS for Ukraine has an atmosphere of friendliness, courtesy, mutual support, and respect.

More information about the D-Dojo Karate organization can be found by visiting its website,, or calling the staff at (212) 537-6441.