September 6, 2016

D-Dojo Karate Upper West Side, Keeps You Motivated!

D-Dojo Karate Upper West Side, Keeps You Motivated!


The Young Days.

Remember when you were a kid, and your mom would try to feed you the vegetables? Yum! Well back then, not really. Now that I’m older and I know these types of foods are what my body needs to keep me strong in Martial Arts, I’m willing to eat the nutrition. Back then, it wasn’t as simple. Your mom though would find a way and feed you the food, but adding some flavor to it. Then you would devour it. It’s a nice trick. A trick you can still use today in areas such as karate!

The Karate Zone.

Karate in a way is similar to the vegetables, because even though Martial Arts is something you want, there are times were you feel you cannot do what is needed. Maybe you feel you are not strong enough, or your brain is saying you can’t do it. Or the most common problem, it is out of your comfort zone. Some of us require one on one attention, which is why D-Dojo Karate is great, because you get to train with a champ, like a champ, with their NYC’s personal training sessions even if you’re not there yet. The environment I train in needs to make me get that feeling in my stomach, the “let’s do this” feeling. That’s exactly what I feel every time I step into D-Dojo Karate, with champs, like a champ!

Martial Arts = Repetition

I know, I know, it’s annoying. No one likes to repeat anything in life, because it’s not as fun as the first time especially when you’re still in the process of learning. Just like any other sport, karate requires you to repeat your moves if you would like to become a master at Martial Arts. It’s just like people that want to buy a penthouse in NYC, it’s not going to just happen. They know that they need to do a repeating work process that will eventually earn them the money to afford one. Repeating may seem like a drag at first, but a few months down the line with your training in karate, and you’ll be thankful you did.

Karate Repetition Tips!

Martial Arts does not have to be a difficult sport when it comes to the repetition process. Just think of what your mom would do to the vegetables to make you eat them. She would make you forget that you were even eating vegetables. Use that same technique for your karate! Try and trick your brain when it comes to repeating moves when you are in the middle of your karate lessons. Ways you can try is making it a challenge. Humans don’t like to lose. No matter how nice of a person you are, it’s normal to feel a little anger when you end up not accomplishing a goal you set for yourself . This is why with your karate lessons you can find a way to make this a challenge for yourself, and hopefully it motivates you more, and helps you achieve your goals!

There are many ways to motivate yourself in Martial Arts. NYC is home to the best place to keep yourself motivated! When you have an incredible team by your side, you feel as if anything is possible, and have all the motivation in the world to push yourself and keep going! D-Dojo Karate on the Upper West Side is the place I recommend you check out if you’re looking for a place to train and stay motivated!