September 6, 2016

How D-Dojo Karate, Upper West Side Can Make You a Fighting Champ!

How D-Dojo Karate, Upper West Side Can Make You a Fighting Champ!

Upper West Side Meets Karate!

Karate is something that requires patience in order to master the art. When I would watch martial arts movies I would wonder how the person is moving as fast as he or she is. There is no such thing as one secret move. Karate consists of many moves, that you eventually learn how to do effortlessly after training with proper classes.

Lessons in Karate.

Martial Arts does not contain one specific move as we said before, the art contains multiple moves, eventually though you can accomplish karate easier then you ever thought. D-Dojo Karate, Upper West Side here in the great NYC will eventually show you to execute perfect moves such as the stepping punch. You will learn how to properly move your legs and arms properly. In karate your learn why it’s best to make your leg in front as to what I like to call the “power leg” as that is where you will be receiving the energy from. At first it may seem difficult, and it takes time to get used to, but when you train with Igor Dyachenko and his incredible team it really becomes much easier to learn. As they take the time and patience to make sure you execute it properly.

Why does Martial Arts make you move certain ways?

Martial Arts requires to move certain ways for many reasons. The stepping punch was created the way it was for certain reasons.

  1. Energy – Karate requires you to be relaxed and not tensed. The more relaxed you are the easier it is for your body to move around. You are basically taking charge of how your body is moving. When you work with gravity and not against it, it becomes easier for you to execute the proper move.
  2. Don’t telegraph movements – In Karate you do not want your opponent to see what is coming next. That is why you do not want it to show that your chest, arms, shoulders, and so on are all fired up because there’s a chance that your opponent will know what is coming next. You need to be careful with how you “power-up your muscles in karate.
  3. Fast- The word is plain and simple. Martial Arts requires this. The faster you are the more better. You have to know how to react quickly. Just relax.


Stepping punch is just one move though. Come learn much more at D-Dojo Karate today on the Upper West Side!